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A Flip Flop Made for Wellness and Comfort! The Mens Okabashi Flip Flop!

When is a flip flop more than just a flip flop?


When it’s specifically designed and engineered with your wellness and comfort in mind!  Let’s face it, normally; when you think about flip flops, the first word that springs into your mind isn’t “comfort.”  You don’t typically hear someone say, “Wow, my feet kind of ache, I think I’ll go put on a pair of flip flops so they’ll feel better!”


As shoes go, they’re basically a disaster.  Convenient for that on-the-go beach lifestyle, but don’t try to walk any distance in them and don’t expect them to be comfortable, right?  Does that sound about like your experience?


Well it doesn’t have to, at least not any more, thanks to the new line of flip flops by Okabashi.  They’ve made a total of five different design improvements in the lowly flip flop that raises the bar on comfort.  Here’s what’s different and the difference it will make when you wear them:


  1. Durability

Flip flops aren’t normally known for their durability, but Okabashi is starting to change that.  Your garden variety, run-of-the-mill flip flop might not even last you through a single summer season, because they’re lightweight.  They’re designed to get you through (most of) one summer then be tossed out when the weather starts cooling down.  But why does it have to be that way?  Why couldn’t someone come up with a design for flip flops that made them, maybe not as durable as a good pair of sneakers, but certainly more durable than what we’ve got now!  And Okabashi has done just that.



Another thing that flip flops aren’t known for is comfort.  In fact, if you’ve ever tried to walk more than a couple blocks in them, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  They can quickly turn what was supposed to have been a perfectly mundane walk back to the car into a footsore nightmare.  Massage beads might not completely address the problem, but they’re certainly a big step in the right direction.  It actually feels good to walk in these shoes!  Granted, you still wouldn’t want to try to walk great distances, but for those short hops, it makes all the difference in the world.   


    One of the biggest problems you’ve got when walking in flip flops is that your feet tend to slide everywhere.  Sand is uneven to start with, and when your feet get sweaty, your flip flops tend to become like a little miniature “slip and slide.”  That’s not really so great if you’re trying to walk without making a fool of yourself.  The line by Okabashi features a fairly deep concavity for your big toe.  It’s just deep enough to give you support and security so you don’t try to go sliding off your own shoe, without being so deep as to be uncomfortable in the least.



As I’m sure you know, flip flops are also not known for their arch support.  Most don’t have any kind of support at all and this means that if you’re wearing them for any length of time, your feet are really going to be killing you by the time you head in for the day.  Not with these shoes!  Consider your arches supported.  Your feet will be thrilled!



    Like the massage beads mentioned earlier, the cushioned heel cup is another improvement meant to enhance comfort.  Again, this in no way puts the shoe on par with a good pair of sneakers, but it wasn’t meant to.  What it was meant to accomplish was to give you a flip flop you could spend a day at the beach wearing without your feet protesting all evening, and the cushioned heel cup makes that possible.  In fact, when combined with those massage beads, these shoes feel really good.  You’ll make all your flip flop wearing friends green with envy!